ThunderMax PN#309-460 Applications:
• 2002 - 2007 Touring® Models

• 2001 - 2010 Softail® Models

• 2007 - 2009 Sportster® Models

ThunderMax is an industry award winning, performance ECM designed specifically for EFI equipped Harley Davidson® motorcycles. This highly advanced, stand-alone tuning system utilizes proprietary AutoTune technology with wide-band oxygen sensors to deliver unmatched performance and rideability. ThunderMax comes 100% assembled, ready to install with no wire-cutting or splicing required. Simply replace the factory ECM and oxygen sensors, load a map, and enjoy your new ride!

ThunderMax Benefits Include:
  • Easy to Install & Simple to Use
  • Increased Engine Performance & Motorcycle Rideability
  • Cooler, Smoother Running Engine
  • Adjustable Idle Speed & Rev Limit Control
  • No Dyno Required - Automatically Tunes for Riding Style & Riding Conditions
  • Never Outgrow It - Easily Accomodates Bike Changes (Pipes, Cams, and More)
  • 100% Engineered & Made in the USA
  • 3-Year Factory Limited Warranty

  • ThunderMax System Includes:
  • ThunderMax Performance Engine Control Module (ECM)
  • Two (2) Wide-Band Bosch 5-Wire Oxygen Sensors (18mm) with AutoTune Connection Harness*
  • USB Communication Cable
  • TMax Tuner Software Disc
  • ThunderMax Quick Start Easy Install and Printable Comprehensive User’s Manual
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    Each basemap has all of the items below optimized for you. The user-friendly ThunderMax software allows access to these adjustable features and gives you the ability to control nearly every parameter of the system for simple adjustments or for custom tuning.

    • Adjustable Rev Limit, Idle Speed, and Speedometer Calibration
    • Adjustable Closed-Loop AFR Targets for Power and Fuel Mileage
    • Adjustable Ignition Timing (Spark) Maps - Globally or by Specific Throttle Position with Engine Temperature Input
    • Adjustable Engine Temperature Alert Alarm
    • Adjustable Injector Size Compensation
    • Adjustable Start Maps (Start Fuel Pulse) and Warm-up Settings
    • Adjustable Accel Pump Simulation
    • Adjustable Decel Pop Control
    • New Rider Programming Mode Feature - Store up to 5 basemaps and access them PLUS the ability to change idle speed, speedometer calibration and clear AutoTuned adjustments ALL without linking to a computer. Select models only.
    • H-D® Digital Tech Compatible
    • Read & Clear Diagnostic Codes through Odometer Window, Digital Tech or Through the ThunderMax Software.
    • Records Running Statistics Every 100 RPM / Engine Temperature Logs
    • Live, Real-Time Engine Tuning
    • Live, Real-Time Monitoring
    • Live, Real-Time Recording
    • Map Analyzer feature assesses AutoTuned map adjustments in a snapshot to simplify map analysis
    • AutoMap Creator feature speeds AutoTune mapping and improves the tune of any engine and exhaust pipe combination using the learned autotune adjustments.
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    For 2002 - 2006 Touring® Models: ThunderMax® includes wide-band, 5-wire oxygen sensors that thread into 18mm x 1.5mm bungs located near the exhaust port, same thread size and location as stock narrow-band, 2-wire sensors used on 2007 Touring model exhausts (previous year bikes were not equipped with oxygen sensors). For 2007 model bikes, ThunderMax® sensors will install without modification. If the exhaust system on your 2002-2006 model Touring motorcycle is not equipped with oxygen sensor bungs in the 2007 location (near the cylinder head exhaust port), 18 x 1.5mm bungs will need to be added to the existing headers, or purchase an exhaust header with bungs installed. Weld-in bungs are listed above. See the video link for tips on installing exhaust bungs.
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    This product is intended for "RACE READY" vehicles only and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California or on any pollution controlled vehicle. Please view the ThunderMax 50 application guide for "STREET APPROVED" & ARB compliant products.

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